If you were to raise money for the school...where would you want it to go?

The music department (NEW BAND UNIFORMS PLEASE)
9% (4 votes)
The sports department (our equipment needs replacing!)
31% (14 votes)
Supplies (Our books are damaged!)
2% (1 vote)
58% (26 votes)
Total votes: 45


please help the music department

i know that most of you don't really care for the arts (the fact that it is being cut all around the nation proves it) but for those of us who are involved in some form of it, particularly the music department in this case, are suffering from lack of supplies. if our sports department was lacking supplies (i.e. helmets, balls, bats...etc.) there would be a huge uproar all throughout town. the option "fun stuff" is proof that there is a gaping hole full of ignorance in our student body school is what you make of it. if your bored, then your obviously not involved enough our school band is falling apart. our uniforms are tearing, we don't even have enough instruments, and the instruments that we do have are falling apart! we don't even have enough chairs! my opinion of this poll doesn't really matter, but it might convince some of you to at least take into account the situation of our music department it IS a lot more important than you think (try sitting at a football game with no music)