Most Googled

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I was surprised when I found out what was the most searched things in google and also kinda disappointed. The top three most searched things in google were Whitney Houston, PSY, and hurrcaine Sandy. I would've thought that more serious things were the most googled but it turns out that the most searched right now is a Korean singer.  With all the thing happening  right now in the world the people in the world are more interested in the little things.


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I am disappointed to read that many Christians are attacking the openly gay comedian, Ellen DeGeneres. In this article --->huffington post/ellen, the conservative group, One Million Moms , attacks Ellen for being the spokesperson for JC Pennies. Recently Ellen has been in a JCP Christmas commercial and apparently "offended" some people watching. It makes me angry that people can be so ignorant and heartless.


Johnny football vs Flyin hawaiian

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John Manziel is a freshman quarterback at Texas a&m.  He is an outstanding player combing Over 3000 passing yds and over 1000 rushing yds. With 41 totall yds. All of these terrific stats make him the very first freshman heisman winner. He beat out the most physical player in the game thats Monte te'o.  This being said


All American

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       I was reading on the Oregon state football website and was very happy when I reads this expert about one of my favorite football players in aloof college football.    This is a great achievement for boy from a small town in northeast Oregon.  Jordan Poyer was named AFCA first team All-American.       I think this is a great thing ,Oregon State has not been the best college football team lately but this season we had a big turn around with the help from this young man.

Could pets cure depression?

Pets offer an unconditional love that can be very helpful to people with depression . Studies show that animals can reduce tension and improve mood. Along with treatment, pets can help some people with mild to moderate depression feel better. If you're depressed, here's a rundown of how pets could help. If you have a pet you're never alone and that can really make a difference. 

Building a Wood stove

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Building a wood stove is very complicated project! This is a very important picture to me because I took it as a personal project... Doing this was a really fun and difficult job.  Now in doing this there were many things that came up like figuring out what piece goes where or the barrel not fitting in the wall! This was also a very big thing to do because it would cut down the pg&e bill.:)

"Fridging" trend!

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Many fans of Nicki Mianj have been posting in pictures appearing hanging out inside a refrigerator due to a photo on twitter of herself doing that. Surprisingly she has inspired this new trend called fridging and has soon took off  as a new "cool thing." a lot for people might say its pretty weird or dumb but it has been accepted by many people. I think it's pretty weird and I wouldn't want to because it's not my thing.  Seriously it's kind of  lame but if  your into it than it's up too you(:


Y Hate

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               I don't know why people have to be hating on Tmills ...... I looked up what people say about him and found a really good article.   I have read many responses to what people say about hm. Some people think he is great and others don't. One person thinks there just songs and that he doesn't really  disrespects women.


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