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Pantech Link


  The Pantech Link, in my opinion, is not a very good phone. I personally have this phone and my experience with it has not been very good. I have had this phone for about a year and a half now and I have had to send it out, two times, because it wasn’t working correctly.

My ideas on "Something Wicked This Way Comes"

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  When I was younger, I read this book Something Wicked this Way Comes and I simpily fell in love with the book and how it captures the scared innocent childhood of two young boys an all their adventures.  Every thing changes when a strange and mysterious carnaval comes to town run by the evil Mr. Dark.  This wonderful book of twists turns and haunting ideas always kept me guessing what was going to happen next.   I belive that most people  will like this book once they start to get into it , and how explicitly chilling an grusom life truely is.

Stick Usage



Dita Sticks are great sticks, but like any other product there are pros and cons. To further your knowledge on this stick, I will use examples of my own experiences with this product.


The weight of this stick is very reasonable, and a good weight for a midfield or forward player. I have played as a midfielder for 3 years and found this stick very light.

Heelin' it up!


            High heels are my thing. I love all kinds. This heel caught my eye because of the sparkles.  I am a very exciting person usually and heels are like the spark to a sense of humor. Ever since the first time I wore a pair to a wedding I’ve been in love.  For more details about hells i will give you some self opinions.


                Why i love them:),

aeropostale jeans

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                        Aeropostale jeans are great. They are durable, comfortable, look good with anything, and sold at a great price. I would really recommend other people to buy them. I know that you would be satisfied with your purchase.  

                        One of the pair of aeropostale jeans I have had for more than two years. They are still in good conditions. They have no rips or tares on them. Also they still fit great. After many washes they have managed not to shrink and also after lots of use they have not stretched out.


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I have an iPod and I think that it is a device that is both portable and efficient.


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