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iPod Touch


                I always wanted an iPod touch. I had heard cool things that the product could do.  For example like being able to go on the internet, download music, play games, and download all sorts of apps that can tell you the weather, help you locate places, and many other things. Also everything is controlled by the touch of your finger. All these things I had heard is what made me want the product so bad.


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Elder Scrolls V Skyrim is an incredible game with only a few flaws. But first the pros, the quest are virtually endless with interesting side quest lines, there is great voice acting, the controls are easy to reach for the experienced computer gamer. The cons are that a lot of the inns or “taverns” look very similar, the main story line is very short only maybe 6 hours to complete, and the AI is very over observant when it comes to sneaking, and the kill cams look a lot like Fallout but with a slight twist. Personally I believe the pros out way the cons a million to one.

Nike Hyperdunk 2010


This shoe is called the Nike Hyperdunk 2010. I ordered them online out of Eastbay. This was fairly easy to do because you can see all of the sizes and colors that are available. You are also able to narrow down your search to certain sizes, colors, and even brands.


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           A good review should consist of

  1. Good reviewers use good spelling

  2.  A good reviewer gives a good discription of the iteam he or she is reviewing

  3. A good reviewer list the pros and cons of the iteam


400 watts mini hi fi

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I have already experience this stereo sytem it blew my mind it is the BOMB!!! it is very loud. I have never heard a stereo this loud before. I been wanting to get this sytem for a long time its worth having it. It has 3 speakers. The bass is amazing it sounds great. It wont sound that good if you seperate the speakers from eachother if you put them all together it gives a more solid sound. I love this sytem. You can put the volume to full blast and it can handle it. So i recommend this sytem to others, they wont regret it, and its a great price. (:

Worst Van in the World!!!


Buying this van was biggest regret of my life. The article for this van said that I was going to save a lot of gas money, but all of my pay check went to putting two gallons into this rat hole of a van. My boyfriend broke up with me because he said he wasn't going to be seen in such an ugly van, the article told me that it was in the latest trend. I thought vans like these were in style so I assumed it would be cool to have one, but when I drive buy everyone laughs at me. Buying this van will make your life suck, DON'T BUY IT!!!

Nike Heels, ♥

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Well what can i say? I dont expect alot of people to like these shoes the way i do. These shoes are mostly targeted to girls who enjoy heels & Nike brand shoes. Nike has combined these different types of shoes into one & created a new style. Lets start off talking about the good things about these shoes.

The good:


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