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kicker speakers

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       This speaker is a truly good buy. I installed it a custom ported box in a 2001 chevy blazer and it sounds like two 15s. Every one that hears it says that if i have two 15s because there loud. The speaker I got have amazing bass and great sound.I would really recommend it to others and they are ok in price. Any body that have this got a good deal on them.

Kokopelli Earrings


                These kokopelli earrings are amazing. I own a similar pair and they are sturdy, never fall out, and are a symbol of Native American culture.  They are very shiny and authentic.  Also for how little they are, they have intricate designs.  I always buy kokopelli earrings and from my experience of owning this type of jewelry, they never disappoint.  I believe if you bought it, you would feel the same. 

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